Sharp Hospitals

San Diego, California

Building 203/204 Shell & T.I.


Installed new HVAC rooftop units and associated ductwork, natural gas piping and condensate drainage piping serving classrooms on 10 existing schools. Scope also included electrical service to the new HVAC units and structural upgrades to accommodate the new rooftop HVAC units.

Quick Facts

General Contractor: DPR Construction

Owner: The County of San Diego and The San Diego Regional Building Authority

Contract Amount: $6,530,430.00

Year to be Completed: 2018

Square Footage: 158,000 GSF

Architect: Smith Group JJR

Sharps Children's MRI Center


AMC designed the HVAC systems obtaining to the City’s ordnances for Sharps Medical Office building. AMC pre-engineered seismic restraints systems meeting lateral force requirements for support and restraint of piping, ductwork, and equipment.

Quick Facts

General Contractor:


Contract Amount: $

Year Completed: 201

Square Footage:  

General Contractor: DPR Construction 

Owner: Sharp and Children's MRI Center

Contract Amount: $287,000

Year Completed: 2017

Square Footage: 2,656 GSF

Mechanical Engineer: Harmon & Associates 


Quick Facts

General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies 

Owner: Sharp Healthcare 

Contract Amount: $ 6,378,000

Year Completed: 2018

Square Footage:  GSF


­Specialized office and lab for sharp medical HVAC system, consisted of chilled water plant, heating hot boiler room with support equipment. The facility has specialty lab ventilation support lab equipment and high level filtration. AMC installed a BSL room with a pressure cascade to assume containment of contaminates. Both the general areas and labs are managed with integrated controls maintaining design parameters with a BMS.