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Is your rooftop unit or air handler running at peak efficiency?

Saving energy and lowering costs is on the mind of any commercial building owner and economizers are the answer.

Using economizers on rooftop units and air handlers maximizes the efficiency of the system while improving indoor air quality.

How? You ask.

Economizers optimize the use of outside “free air” when applicable. When the outside “...


AMC worked on a specialized office and lab for sharp medical HAVC system, consisted of chilled water plant, heating hot boiler room with support equipment.

The facility has specialty lab ventilation support lab equipment and high level filtration.

AMC installed a BSL room with a pressure cascade to assume containment of contaminates. Both the general areas and labs are managed with integrated contr...

 The San Diego County Sheriff Crime Lab has been completed and featured on local news sources around the county. The new Crime Lab consists of 60,000 sq. ft. of evidence storage, 44,000 sq. of laboratory space, and 54,000 sq. fg. of administrative office space.

The project includes a central plant expansion to accommodate additional requirements of the new crime lab.

The basement will be 25 ft....

Steel and aluminum imported into the U.S. will now be taxed at the rates of 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum.

The tariff will have a profound effect on metal reliant industries like construction.

The tax will increase imported metal pricing leveling the playing filed between foreign and domestic industries. The tariff is aimed to increase local demand and to strengthen the U.S. metal industry....

Ballpark Village is a mixed use development consisting of a 36- story apartment tower and three six-story buildings.

AMC provided a divided split systems for the 286 custom apartments, 4-pipe fan coil system for the amenity spaces, all common area exhaust, and garage exhaust.

The Soboba Replacement Casino totals 450,000 square feet of area made up of a 140,000 square foot casino area with 2,000 slot machines & 24-gamimg tables, a six story 210-room hotel, numerous restaurants, a sports bar, conference space & events center.

The mechanical systems include a 3,000-ton central utilities plant, 24-custom air handlers totaling 500,000-CFM,  225-Vertical stack fan coils t...

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