Relying on a single point of responsibility contract design- minimizing risks, and reducing delivery schedule by blending the design and construction phases of a project.


We ask questions upfront to reduce costs down the road, examining the challenges of critical environments, return on investment, energy costs, constructability, etc.



It’s our collaborative approach to projects that allows for innovation. Design-assist also improves the constructability and adds value to the project.


We work with the engineer to help expedite the completion of drawings, provide constructability and accessibility solutions, and offer enhancements to the system operational performance to lower long-term operational costs with sustainable efficiency.


Building Information Modeling (BIM):

AMC implements the use of BIM to design a 3-D modeling concepts of our mechanical system. This software streamlines the buildings mechanical systems enabling us to create quality systems and costs savings.


We use BIM to ensure the precision of our crew and product during both the design and building phases of our projects (mechanical system). AMC also has multiple Trimble Totals stations to help ensure accuracy. AMC also employs the use of tables and smartphones to allow for no confusion on which version of the blueprint is accurate. Allowing for instant verification of field systems during installation.